This Fabric Pot is available on Etsy.


Multifunctional Medium Fabric Pot made using upcycled materials. This product is a one-off.

Complimentary deep & pale purple velvet fabrics make up the outside & turnover (respectively) of the pot. Woven white cotton fabric makes up the bottom half of the lining.

This pot can be used for a wide range of items. If used as a plant pot, an extra pot & saucer would need to be used as the pot is not waterproof.

Measurements (all figures are approximate):
Height ~ 15cm (6")
Width ~ 12cm (4.75")
Depth ~ 12cm (4.75")
Turnover ~ 3.5cm (1.25")

The height can be increased or decreased by altering the turnover at the top.

Medium Fabric Pot - Deep & Pale Purple