Aimee Lou Creations doorstops are handmade from upcycled materials - doorstops are the item from my range that are the most upcycled! They are available in 3 different shapes/styles - pyramid, cube and wedge.

The wedge doorstops are the lightest of the three styles - approximately 550g - with the cube and pyramid doorstops weighing between 600g and 650g. All three styles of doorstop are filled with upcycled stuffing, and are weighed down with small bags of rice (the bags inside are also made from upcycled material!)

Tote bags are perfect to use as reusable shopping bags - most can be folded up small enough to fit in your handbag!

To view and purchase the doorstops currently in stock, use the shop link at the top of this page.

If you can't see what you want in the shop, you can see previous doorstop commissions, or doorstops that are now sold out, in the gallery below. From these images, you can get an idea of other possibilities (colour/pattern combinations), and use the  contact form on the home page to request a custom order. As all doorstops are made from upcycled materials, there is no guarantee that I'll be able to meet your request, but I can guarantee that I will do my best to do so. If required, I may also be able to increase the weight of cube or pyramid doorstops if necessary. However, wedge doorstops cannot be made any heavier.

Previous Doorstop Commissions

Cube - Aztec Beige

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Cube - Grey stripe

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Cube - Grey Geometric Pattern

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Pyramid - Turquoise and Beige Check

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