​L'enfant et les Sortilèges

Chinese Cup
Cast Line Up

Work undertaken as a first year design and textiles project at the University of Huddersfield.

L'Enfant et les Sortilèges (The Child and the Spells) tells the story of a young boy who rebels against his mother and causes destruction throughout the room in which the first act of the opera is set, and then in the garden where the child ventures in the second act.

I chose a circus theme for my take on this opera, with each of my chosen characters taking a different circus role. As the main character, I have interpreted the Child as the ringmaster. The Chinese Cup takes the role of an equestrienne, whilst the Fire is interpreted as an agile acrobat. I have developed the Dragonfly as an aerial artist and the Squirrel as a clown. These roles are shown through the designs above. The textiles samples below show experimentation for each character during development stages of the project.

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