Aimee Lou Creations handbags are handmade primarily from upcycled materials. They are currently available in 3 sizes, with a 1 or 2 different styles in each size.

Small handbags - perfect size for your phone and keys (and maybe even a small purse!). They each have a cord strap, and are fastened with a magnetic popper, or a button and loop. There are two different styles available; landscape rectangular, or portrait messenger style.

Medium handbags - ideal for day to day use. Medium handbags have an adjustable strap. There are two style variations available. The basic medium handbag is open across the top (apart from the magnetic popper fastening). The messenger style handbag is finished with a flap, that is secured with magnetic poppers. All medium handbags are made with a small discreet pocket in the lining, and a lobster clasp key fob.


Large handbags - perfect for day to day use when you have lots to carry or even for use as an overnight bag! The large handbags have an adjustable strap, and have a large discreet pocket in the lining. They also have a lobster clasp key fob. Large handbags are currently only available in the basic style - open across the top with a single magnetic popper fastening in the middle.

To view and purchase the handbags currently in stock, use the shop link at the top of this page.

If you can't see what you want in the shop, you can see previous handbag commissions in the gallery below. From these images you can get an idea of other possibilities and use the contact form on the home page to request a custom order. As most handbags are made primarily from upcycled materials, I may not be able to meet your requests exactly, but I will do my best to do so. If you still can't see what you want in the gallery below, get in touch anyway! If you have a particular style in mind, I may be able to create a brand new style, especially for you!

Previous handbag commissions

Medium Messenger Style Bag with the adjustable strap made from matching fabric

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